Bleadon Hill guidance on social distancing & the measures we have taken to help prevent the spread of Covid-19

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Bleadon Hill Golf Course believe it is necessary to establish revised operating policies and procedures across most aspects of the business in order to minimise the risk of transmitting the virus amongst customers and employees. These policies must support the principles of social distancing that have been established during the UK Coronavirus lockdown and to specifically cater for interactions between:

Customers and other customers who visiting us 
Customers and employees
Employees and their colleagues 

The overarching objective is to provide a safe environment for customers to visit and employees to work in.

As well as defining new operational processes, there are some physical changes that need to be made, these include.

  • The installation of ‘Sneeze Screens’ for the mutual protection of customers and employees.
  • Monitoring the amount of people that move through the business when visiting or as part of their daily work (minimising dwell time, physical touch points such as door handles and close-proximity interactions.
  • Requirements for cleaning surfaces and equipment at regular intervals.
  • We respectively ask that we have a no handshake policy at this time.

Under new government rules released today (11 May), the following groupings will be permitted upon resumption of play:

  • Individuals playing golf on their own.
  • Two-balls comprising of individuals from different households
  • At the discretion of the golf club, members of the same household playing in two, three or four-balls.

Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Do not visit us if you are displaying any of the symptoms …….Cough, temperature, etc


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