163 yards

Par 3

StrokeIndex 11/12

Pro Tips: At a glance the first is a rather simple par 3. Aim to the left side of the green, land the ball just short and let it release on to the putting surface.  But when the wind is blowing the hole totally changes. The prevailing wind is usually from left to right and slightly into. This makes club selection very difficult to judge, with most players coming up short.

Hole 2/11

300 yards

Par 4

Stroke Index 7/8

Pro Tips:
The second is stroke index 4 but I believe this is the toughest tee shot on the course, with the prevailing wind usually straight into your face and out of bounds all up the left. The green isn’t that well protected so just get your ball in play from the tee (even if this means keeping your driver in the bag), then decide how to approach the green from where ever your ball lies.

Hole 3/12

274 yards

Par 4

Stroke Index 15/16

Pro Tips:
This hole is personally one of my favourites. The stunning view makes the third hole very easy to under estimate. Just like the previous hole, the tee shot is very important. Ideally you want to keep your ball to the left side of the fairway but do not be greedy and get too close to the green, as a controlled approach is required. Once you are safely in position the second shot needs to be highly accurate, as a missed green will result in dropped shots.

Hole 4/13

275 yards

Par 4

Stroke Index 5/6

Pro Tips:
This tee shot is blind so the ideal line is at the 150 yard marker on the right side of the fairway. Any tee shot that goes to the left will run down the hill and make for a difficult second. The second shot usually plays down wind so be sure to pitch your ball short of the flag as it will always release up the green.

Hole 5/14

283 yards

Par 4

Stroke Index 9/10

Pro Tips:
I see most players having a wild hit at the green as this hole plays down wind and downhill. But the sensible play is to hit an iron, rescue or fairway wood to the left for position. The green has a tricky approach as it slopes away from you, so like the 3rd a controlled shot is required.

Hole 6/15

528 yards

Par 5

Stroke Index 1/2

Pro Tips:
Now for the first of our par 5’s. The ideal line from the tee is the big tree for the shorter hitter and just to the left of the tree for the longer hitter. I see too many players out to the right here. The best line is to keep your ball to the left side of the fairway especially with your second shot as it makes the approach so much easier. The green is very narrow so any ball coming in from the right will hit the down slope and run off and on to the bank at the back.

Hole 7/16

140 yards

Par 3

Stroke Index 17/18

Pro Tips:
This is the second par 3 on the course and again like the first, club selection is very difficult. The prevailing wind is from behind but the hole plays slightly up hill. Another thing to remember is that the green is off set from the tee, so when the flag is on the right it is also at the back of the green. The ideal line is to play into the middle of the green and then rely on your putting if you want to make a 2.

Hole 8/17

487 yards

Par 3

Stroke Index 3/4

Pro Tips:
The 8th hole is the second par 5 and is just as challenging as the 6th. The prevailing wind is now straight into, and with the tee shot also playing up a steep hill makes for a hard start. The ideal line is straight over the marker post or slightly to the right. Once over the brow of the hill the ideal second shot will position you to the right hand side of the fairway (you may notice the green keeper has cut a rather generous landing area). The third shot should be played left of centre as the green slopes from left to right. This line will also keep you away from the dangerous bunker that protects the green.

Hole 9/18

161 yards

Par 3

Stroke Index 13/14

Pro Tips:
This maybe the last hole but it’s not one to go easy on. Like the first at a glance it looks rather easy, 160 yards downhill, anything short will run on. But once again on a par 3 at Bleadon Hill club selection is made very difficult as the prevailing wind which is stiff and from the right. You must ensure that your ball pitches the green as anything short will kick to the right and leave a long difficult chip up the green.

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