• Driving Range - Yearly Plan
  • Driving Range - Yearly Plan

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Bleadon Hill Golf Course

Membership Constitution, Terms and Conditions

Except where expressly agreed otherwise by Bleadon Hill Golf Course management in writing every member of the club shall be subject to these terms and conditions. The management reserve the right to use discretion in all matters relating to membership.

1. Membership is continuous until a full three calendar months written notice has been received i.e. if you tell us on 8th June your membership will end on 30th September. If you tell us during the minimum term, your membership will finish at either the end of the minimum term or the three month notice period whichever is later. It is your responsibility to ensure the course has received your written notice.

New members have a fifteen day period in which to revoke membership and receive a refund on membership fees paid although if s/he should have played during that 15 day period then s/he will be responsible for the payment of all green fees at our normal rate.

2. The membership runs on a rolling year basis .e.g. If you join 17th June your membership renewal date will be 1st July of the following year.
A member joins each year for a minimum period of one year. If at the end of the 12 month period you no longer wish to continue your membership a 3 month notice period is required.
Members will be responsible for their fees up until the end of the month of joining .i.e. join on the 17th June member will be responsible for fees until 30th June of the following year.

3. Members wishing to pay by instalments must do so by direct debit. Bank information must be supplied at the commencement of membership. All direct debits must be paid on 3rd day of each month. By paying monthly you still agree to a 12 month contract.

4. All memberships are subject to a £24 annual fee. This includes a £17.25 annual fee to the Somerset Golf Union. This will be divided between your monthly direct debits at £2 per month.

5. All members are responsible for any guests playing on the premises.

6. Members joining mid month will pay pro rata rates to the end of the month of commencement.

7. Members will be notified in writing of any changes to subscription fees, this will also be posted on the course web site and Course notice board in the Pro Shop. Any changes will be given with 30 days notice.

8. Terms and conditions may be revised by management at anytime. Any changes will be posted on the course web site and displayed on the Course notice board in the Pro Shop.

9. Any subscription fees which are returned unpaid will be liable to a £20 administration fee.

10. No refund will be made on resignation for subscription payments received.

11. The management endeavours to provide the golf course in the best condition possible. This may result at times in the closure of holes or parts of holes to make improvements considered to be in the long term interest of the course

The course may be closed for extreme weather conditions or for competitions without prior notice but will be posted on the course website (www.bleadonhillgolfcourse.co.uk)

12. All members will abide by the etiquette of golf as given at commencement of membership and as displayed in the pro shop.

13. All members will abide by the course dress code as displayed in the pro shop and on the website.

14. All members agree not to damage any equipment owned by Bleadon Hill Golf Course. Any accidental damages that may be incurred during play please report to reception.

15. All members and non members must sign in at reception prior to commencement of play.

16. All members with the benefit of the inclusive driving range must not help themselves to equipment at any time. All equipment must be provided by a staff member.

17. All memberships are non transferrable and cannot be used by anyone else but the member.

18. Under no circumstance shall any member give any permission for works to be carried out on the course site.

19. The course reserves the right to restrict starting times to accommodate visiting societies and the like and reasonable notice will be given to members.

20. Honorary members as approved by the management shall be full members without the payment of subscriptions.

21. Any members against whom a complaint is made shall have the opportunity of answering the complaint before the Golf Manager. The Golf Manager and/or the management team may of their own accord, suspend or expel members if necessary.

22. No Dogs are allowed on the course or in the shop apart from on the designated public footpath, with the exception of guide dogs and those expressly permitted by management.

23. No member shall give the course details in any advertisement or use the course address for any business purpose.

24. No member shall use or distribute any other member’s personal data outside the course unless sanctioned to do so by the members in question.

25. The course and course management shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to member’s equipment or valuables (including vehicles) anywhere on the premises.

26. All Green Fees shall be decided by the management team.

27. The Management Golf Committee of the course shall be responsible for the smooth and effective running of all sections of the playing membership and shall define the function and responsibilities of all other committees including the handicap and competitions committees.

28. Members play at their own risk, including all weather conditions. It is strongly advised that individual members take out their own insurance for the duration of their membership.

29. The management reserve the right to revoke membership without prior warning.

All terms apply to all members at all times.
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